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About Labbelle

We want to share with you all the beauty that comes from our lab grown diamond jewelry We see beauty in the moment when a piece of jewelry is given.

We see beauty in the person wearing the piece of jewelry.

We see beauty in the piece of jewelry itself.
Buying our jewelry builds a beautiful relationship with your local jeweler. These hardworking owners will listen to you and help make wonderful memories with your loved ones.

We also give back in two beautiful ways too. First, we give children, our most beautiful and precious asset, a chance to grow up with a great education. Early childhood education starts in the womb, and we donate to the Rupani Foundation who teaches children in USA and South Asia. Second, we participate in tree planting initiatives to make the world a more beautiful place.

Meet our designer, Natashah Rupani Somani

Having my son, Adam, made me conscious of how I want to leave the world for him. I am working in the Diamond Jewelry industry for 10 years and helping in our family jewelry business since I was a child. I’ve seen the unbeautiful parts of the industry, slave labor, conflict diamonds, and artificially elevated prices.

Labbelle remedies these issues in a few ways. Ethically sourced diamonds, good wages, and fair pricing are important to our company. Buy our jewelry for your beautiful moments and spread beautiful moments to children and a beautiful earth for our children.